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Ekaterina Avdeeva about overhaul: “The main thing is the proper and targeted spending of funds”

Ekaterina Avdeeva about overhaul: “The main thing is the proper and targeted spending of funds”

Yesterday we wrote, that management companies want to be banned from collecting money for major repairs. This situation was commented by a member of the General Council of "Business Russia", Head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts, ambassador “business officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva:

“The proposal to ban commercial structures from managing special accounts for overhaul cannot be assessed unequivocally. In general, the problem is connected with the management companies themselves.. One side, management companies often organize the management of an apartment building more efficiently and, logically, must have sufficient competence. But at the same time, they are often and not unreasonably accused of misappropriation of funds.. Common precedents, when management companies are created for the purpose of enrichment, and the CEO is a figurehead. It means, that real faces, behind the management company, can avoid liability, for example, when, in case of an emergency causing harm to life and health, and in case of verification, the responsibility will be borne by the Pound, the same character of the nominal director from the book by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov, and the cause of the incident is often negligent attitude and misappropriation of funds (elevators falling, collapse of building facades, etc.).

At the same time, giving control of your special accounts to regional operators or organizing an HOA is unlikely to radically change the situation.. I analyze the practice of appeals, we fix a number of abuses by the HOA. For iexample, in the well-known LCD, the chairmen changed almost weekly, and on each previous one they tried to initiate a criminal case. As a result of regular complaints and open confrontation, the residents themselves suffered, who could not receive services in a timely manner and of adequate quality.

Besides, owners often do not have sufficient knowledge, what to do in a specific case, and are not ready to get involved in building quality infrastructure in their home, because they are busy with more "pressing" personal, professional and family matters.

Building maintenance of residential buildings through management companies is quite effective. However, in order to optimize their activities, it seems appropriate to increase control over the proper spending of funds and introduce additional indicators., that minimize the possibility of abuse, overestimation of estimates and payment for work. The main thing is to ensure timeliness, efficiency and proper and targeted spending of funds”.

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