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Business Duty Officer

“Business Duty Officer” on the radio METRO

“Business Duty Officer” on the radio METRO

Participant of the round table within the framework of the program #GUESTS1024FM on the topic "Actual problems of liberalization for business: where is the line between public and private interests" Ekaterina Avdeeva, Ph.D., Associate Professor, RANEPA, Member of the General Council of Business Russia, Head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts, ambassador “business officer”, so commented on one of the aspects of the topic of discussion.

“Decriminalization of tax measures positively affects the business climate .
Together, these measures play a positive liberal role for the business climate, providing a large number of opportunities for entrepreneurs, even if you make a mistake, compensate for it, by paying the tax arrears and, in case of disagreement, dispute this in the Arbitration Court”

Herewith, according to Ekaterina Avdeeva, there are a number of nuances, that require attention. Among them, the choice of a measure of restraint in the form of detention, long attachment of the seized property as material evidence and delaying the decision to return it to the rightful owner. “Complaints are also filed against seizures of property., including third parties”, – noted by the guest of the program, one of the panellists.
“Through the impact on the business climate and the disclosure of entrepreneurial potential, the issues of liberalization and decriminalization are important for the country's economy, its economic security.Thus, Expert Center speaks, First of all, for the inclusion of issues of organizing the protection of the rights of business entities in the criminal law policy, and secondly, for a systematic approach to reforming the current legislation through organizational and structural, qualification and procedural aspects…”

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