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The business community is ready to implement the probation institute?

The business community is ready to implement the probation institute?

The relevance of probation due to new challenges, facing society under the influence internal and external factors. One side, this will allow to decide to significantly improve the criminogenic situation. On the other hand, probation, in particular, employment of persons, sentenced to forced labor, can be the best solution to the problem of attracting additional human capital and forming the country's personnel reserve. This was stated by the head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts of "Business Russia", ambassador “business officer”, Ekaterina Avdeeva at the XI St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

«Obviously, what a face, who has served a prison sentence, extremely difficult to get a job, he has strong criminal ties, which in aggregate does not lead to the prevention of subsequent crimes, what is the most important task of criminal punishment, but to further criminalization and its penetration into subjects as immanent characteristics", – sure expert.

As an institution, providing socialization of persons, who have served a prison sentence, probation can be phased and go through the stage of employment of persons, sentenced to forced labor. Such a mechanism is supported at the legislative level., since the term for parole in this case does not start to run again, and can be counted and taken into account as a correction and compensation for damage.

“Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to satisfy the demand for representatives of working specialties, motivated to properly perform their duties, which will allow them in the future to count on parole and the opportunity to keep their jobs after serving their sentences as a full-time employee”, – said Ekaterina Avdeeva.

At the same time, one should take into account, that there are certain stop factors, making it difficult to use a mechanism that is sufficiently effective in the long term. Entrepreneurs are not sufficiently informed about the probation algorithm itself. According to the results of the survey "Business Russia", in 85 subjects of the Russian Federation are required as additional clarifications from the relevant departments and federal executive authorities, and practical advice from the business community, discussion of specific cases of implementing the initiative in practice. This will increase the loyalty and interest of the business., will eliminate concerns about potential financial and legal risks and will allow transforming the project agreed at the level of the country's leadership into a real mechanism for economic and personnel policy.

Important to note, that probation is impossible without the involvement of the business community, which is entrusted with important tasks of explaining and popularizing the mechanism, as well as its effective implementation.


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