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Blogs, taxes and business fragmentation: “Business Duty Officer” voiced his position on current issues

Blogs, taxes and business fragmentation: “Business Duty Officer” voiced his position on current issues

16 May at the site of the Civic Chamber of Russia took place round table "Blogs, taxes and business fragmentation. Part one, criminal", organized by the Center for Public Procedures "Business Against Corruption". The event was attended by the head of the expert center for criminal law policy and enforcement of judicial acts of "Business Russia", ambassador “business officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva, as well as members of the expert center: partner, lawyer MEF LEGAL Vadim Zaripov, Managing Partner at Law Office. Moscow "Matyunins and Partners" Oleg Matyunin.

The participants of the meeting discussed the issues of artificial fragmentation of business, compliance with the procedure for initiating cases of tax crimes, money laundering.

Ekaterina Avdeeva noted three facets of the problem. Supporting the thesis that, that not all crushing is criminal, she stressed, that “in the case of bloggers, business fragmentation is outright tax evasion, creating an obstacle to the investigation of criminal cases". “Payment for replicated courses went to a single center, from which it was further distributed to a set of IP, who work on a simplified taxation system", – the expert revealed the mechanism. Even “fictitious bloggers” were created to implement the criminal scheme.

New digital crushing schemes raise serious concerns about the functioning of real business. “When we talk about economic security and protecting the rights of entrepreneurs, we must not forget that, that paying taxes is of particular importance. Real Entrepreneur, which develops production, technologies, import substitution, may not receive subsidies, benefits and other incentives, which would allow him to improve efficiency and business, and economy", - emphasized the deloross.

She recalled the "destructive" behavior of bloggers, who, when issuing arrears, tend "toward the border of the Russian Federation, rather than timely payment or installment, in order to avoid the criminal law sphere in accordance with the decision adopted at the end of the Business Russia forum in 2022 year of the law".

In conclusion, Ekaterina Avdeeva noted the trends in the liberalization of tax legislation, aimed at protecting fair business, and also spoke about balanced proposals for combating economic crime on the example of the criminalization of "paper" VAT.

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