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Business has been delayed: The government extended the deadline for paying off unpaid social payments

Business has been delayed: The government extended the deadline for paying off unpaid social payments

The White House vacated a significant part business from the need to fully return this year to the budget almost 800 RUB billion. insurance premiums, underpaid in 2022 year. By its decree, the government extended for another year, to 28 May 2024 y, a deferral of social payments for the second and third quarters of last year - after the start of the military operation, they received it after the start of the military operation to maintain their working capacity 1,4 million companies and individual entrepreneurs. In the business environment, the postponement of social contributions is called one of the most effective measures taken by the government.

The government has extended the deferment for the payment of insurance premiums for the second and third quarters 2022 года — как сообщил вчера на совещании со своими заместителями Mikhail Mishustin, now these payments to the business must be made on time 28 May 2024 y. The previous deadline is May-October of this year (depending on the accrual period).

Recall, annual grace period, which constitute a very significant part of the tax burden, was introduced as an anti-crisis measure last spring. The measure was introduced to save these funds from the business and was designed to help ensure the financing of the production cycle and settlement with counterparties. We are talking about contributions to social funds in the amount of 30% from payroll (privileged categories have a lower rate) and 15% — for small and medium business.

The price of that delay for the budget was quite high - 772 RUB billion. (of them, according to the Ministry of Economy, 16 RUB billion. belongs to individual entrepreneurs). The budget has already compensated this amount to state off-budget funds.. Глава Минфина Anton Siluanov в конце года пояснял, that without these funds, the 2022 budget deficit would have decreased from the final 2,3% to 1,8% GDP.

The payment of contributions for the second quarter in April 2022 was deferred for businesses from almost 80 spheres (among them health care, tourism, sports, food production, clothes, furniture, textiles), which, according to the authorities, form about 70% employment.

The deferred payment of contributions for the third quarter of 2022 covered a narrower list of 40 industries (for example, building, Agriculture, Information Technology), which account for 30% employment. To the list of those, who didn't get benefits, hit exporters, companies in the financial sector and wholesale trade and budgetary organizations.

According to the decision published yesterday, business will begin to pay off "deferred" contributions this year, paying them monthly in equal installments. Payment for the second quarter of 2022 is due from the end of June this year, for the third - from the end of September. This approach, let's add, was discussed at a meeting with the president back in mid-December.

As explained to "Kommersant" in the Ministry of Finance, the resolution approved “further steps to reduce the burden on business - use the installment plan of the company and individual entrepreneurs, who previously received a deferred payment of contributions, will be able to declaratively ". The Ministry of Economy clarifies, that you received this measure of support 0,9 million enterprises in the second quarter and 0,44 million enterprises - for the third. The most active use of the delay was in the areas of agriculture, construction, trade. At the same time, some entrepreneurs have already made payments, for which you have previously received a deferment.

As Mikhail Mishustin said yesterday, prolongation "will enable businesses to continue to use the freed up resources for current expenses - primarily for salaries of employees, development and modernization of production, restructuring of logistics".

The Ministry of Economy adds, what it will support businesses, “who, in the current difficult conditions, are rebuilding production processes, logistics chains and need working capital for this”.

The RSPP says, that “the delay has played an important role in ensuring the sustainable operation of companies and individual entrepreneurs in the face of sanctions restrictions,” according to a survey, carried out by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, CCI and other business associations, this measure ranked third among the most effective anti-crisis measures for industrial companies. Member of the General Council of Delovaya Rossiya and Ambassador of the Expert Analytical Alliance “Business Duty Officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva отмечает, that in the conditions of economic turbulence, caused by sanctions and military operation, “any benefits are a tangible contribution to maintaining business, especially small and micro businesses. However, according to her, “distributing long-term indulgences is dangerous for the economy and for business, who runs the risk of default. However, now, according to her, such support in "manual mode" is necessary in order to, so that “business holds its positions and enters the development zones”.

According to the Executive Director of OPORA RUSSIA Андрея Шубина, the introduction of deferrals on insurance premiums was a timely measure and, in general, all, who wanted to receive such a delay and fell under the conditions, were able to use it. Mr. Shubin calls the extension of the deadlines for payment of contributions a "sound decision" - this allows businesses to, especially to, what is most seriously affected by the reduction in consumer demand, adjust your model of economic behavior.

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