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Business asks to reduce the amount of penalties for debts on fines

Business asks to reduce the amount of penalties for debts on fines

Entrepreneurs asked the Ministry of Justice to reduce the size of the enforcement fee for late payment of a fine for small and medium-sized businesses. As noted in the SME Corporation, now he is making 7% on the amount of the charge, but no less 10 thousands. rubles. In this case, the fine itself can be as low as 500 rubles. For micro-enterprises, a performance fee in the amount of 10 thousands. rubles is a significant expense. According to analysts, it is important to balance the amount of penalties and performance fees or reduce the latter to the level of punishment, which applies to IP.

The SME Corporation sent an appeal to the Ministry of Justice with a request to reduce the amount of the enforcement fee for late payment of a fine for small and medium-sized businesses (The document is at the disposal of Izvestia). In accordance with Art.. 112 Federal Law "On Enforcement Proceedings" the penalty should be 7% from the amount of debt, but not less 10 thousands. rubles.

Through the Service 360° business support platform, businessmen receive complaints about the incomparable amount of the fee when paying a fine, told in SME Corporation. There was a case, when the IT organization was ordered to pay 500 rubles, however, the debt was not repaid on time. As a result, the penalty for late payment amounted to 10 thousands. rubles, what in 20 times the fine. A similar situation was with the company, which rents cars. Initially she had to pay 5 thousands. rubles, however, later 10 thousands. for the delay.

It often happens like this, that the micro-enterprise does not have a legal entity and fines may come due to late processing of information and other errors, noted the head of the expert center for criminal law policy and the execution of judicial acts of "Business Russia" Ekaterina Avdeeva. According to her, if it is easier for large businesses to pay "insignificant" amounts by their standards, how to fix violations, then small companies risk being on the verge of closing, if they don't have free money. Therefore, it is important to balance the amount of penalties and performance fees - this will allow enterprises not to go into debt and continue their activities., stressed the expert.

The initiative was supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

- That, that the amount of the fee is ten times higher than the fine, in fact, double punishment by the state. Now you need to give opportunities to save business, because then the authorities will spend a thousand times more money, to create and support SMEs, - says Elena Dybova, Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As an alternative, Delovaya Rossiya proposes to reduce the size of the penalty for micro- and small businesses to the level of punishment, which applies to individual entrepreneurs. So, performance fee for IP is 1 thousands. rubles.

At the same time, the government is now systematically working to reduce the administrative burden on small and medium-sized businesses., reminded in the SME Corporation. For iexample, amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses with four initiatives came into force this year. Firstly, the company will no longer be punished, if its official has already been involved for the same violation, employee or director. Secondly, reduced fines for administrative offenses for socially oriented small and medium-sized enterprises. Thirdly, for the first misconduct, SMEs will be held liable only in the form of a warning. And finally, established the principle of "one check - one sanction", that is, for several violations punished as for one, if they are detected during one control and supervisory activity.

Izvestia sent requests to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Economic Development with a request to comment, how effective is the reduction of performance fees for SMEs.

Today, small businesses are entrusted with the goal of maintaining the economic sovereignty of Russia, considers Ekaterina Avdeeva from Delovaya Rossiya. According to her, proportionality of the performance fee to the size of the business will improve the business climate in the country: the safer a potential entrepreneur will feel, the sooner he opens his business, will create new jobs and will contribute to the recovery of the economy of a particular region and the state as a whole.

In addition to this initiative, the CCI also listed other necessary support measures. First of all, it is necessary to ensure control over non-tax payments., because it is a huge burden on the business, noted Elena Dybova. Companies have large obligatory expenses, which cannot be denied, e.g. garbage collection or product labeling, she added. Besides, The Central Bank stopped regulating acquiring rates (the ability to accept cashless payments), and in some banks, interest on it increased by 2-4 times.

Now we need to try to remove small businesses as much as possible from the administrative routine - this can help the digitalization of government bodies and administrative institutions, believes Freedom Finance Global analyst Vladimir Chernov. He added: it is also necessary to provide an accessible and transparent opportunity to participate in tenders - in particular, special conditions for receiving orders for the production of goods and the sale of services, for example, in public procurement. And it is especially important to give businesses bank guarantees and the possibility of concessional financing., concluded the expert.

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