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Business Duty Officer

Business conflicts

Many entrepreneurs do not find it necessary to think about, that sometime there will be a conflict with his closest business partners, therefore, it often does not occur to the mind when establishing an enterprise, that the model charter taken for registering an enterprise will in no way protect the entrepreneur, when a crisis occurs or the question of dividing the business simply arises. Or just seems, that business partners will always be honest and will not go to such extremes as initiating criminal cases or raider seizure of business, What to do, when did this happen? Let's talk in this section.

Raider seizure. What to do business

Unfriendly actions to gain control of the business, the so-called raiding is still an urgent problem for entrepreneurs. A fairly common practice of taking business away from his

How to bring an opponent to negotiations

When running a business, many entrepreneurs are faced with, what you need to be able to negotiate with different people, especially with partners. They understand, that it's impossible to make money

Mediation at the stage of enforcement proceedings

Mediation is an alternative way of resolving disputes. Mediation as a method of reconciliation of the parties, ans is based on the involvement of a mediator. The mediator helps the parties to resolve the conflict as soon as possible and

Hereditary planning: legal aspect

The transfer of the business must be planned in advance as with legal, and from a managerial point of view. Therefore, today we will talk about such a tool as hereditary planning..

International sanctions as force majeure

Russian legislation practically does not use the term "force majeure", mentioning it only in. 3 Art. 15 Law of the Russian Federation dated 07.07.1993 № 5340-1 "On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in

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