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Debts and Bankruptcy

Usually entrepreneurs, starting your business think, that he will be successful, and things like debt and bankruptcy do not threaten him. When it's already happened (there is no money to pay off debts, or they were simply artificially created by ill-wishers or simply the economic situation, creditors are already knocking on the thresholds or “custom-made” bankruptcy has begun in order to wean the business) and it seems, that this is the worst and nothing will help read the articles in this section, to find out, how to behave in bankruptcy and what to do, to write off debts or find other ways, to deal with them. And of course, let's talk about, how to avoid all this.

The onset of signs of insolvency of the guarantor

In the Ruling of the Supreme Court No. 304-ES21-9960 in the case of contesting a real estate donation transaction two and a half years before entering the bankruptcy procedure, it was formulated

Bankruptcy. Assets of the debtor's children

In the Resolution of the Supreme Court No. 307-ES19-23103 of 02.09.2021 y. position was formulated, according to which, as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, the financial manager has the right to request data on

Bankruptcy. Disposal of assets

When entering into bankruptcy proceedings or shortly before debtors, they often try to hide their own assets, transferring them on the basis of a reimbursable or gratuitous transaction. However, the financial manager

Waiver of the lawsuit on the eve of bankruptcy

In the Review of Supreme Court Practice, published by the Bureau 10 November, various aspects of the bankruptcy procedure have been repeatedly covered. One of the legal positions of the Supreme Court was that, that

Bankruptcy. Evasion of obligations' execution

Courts impose special requirements on the good faith of the debtor when deciding on the cancellation of debts in the framework of bankruptcy. Good faith behavior implies open interaction with the court,

Major Changes in Bankruptcy

In May 2021 The Government of the Russian Federation as a subject of the legislative initiative submitted a bill to the State Duma, which, as its drafters suggest, will radically change the effectiveness of the institute

Hereditary planning: legal aspect

The transfer of the business must be planned in advance as with legal, and from a managerial point of view. Therefore, today we will talk about such a tool as hereditary planning..

Bankruptcy - what is the benefit to entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs perceive the bankruptcy procedure only as a negative process., capable of tarnishing their business reputation or discrediting them in the eyes of counterparties, clients and partners. However, sometimes

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