Tyukhov Sergey Vladimirovich

Founder and CEO of SVT & Partners.   Education: Degree in economics (MESSIAH, 2000 Mr.) Higher legal (RANEPA 2012 Mr., With Honours) Various special training programs in the field of tax administration, PODiFT, business process design and management.   work experience: In 1999 was admitted to the state civil service in the tax authorities. Responsibilities included conducting […]

Molchanova Marina Alekseevna

Researcher at the Center for Judicial Law, Senior Lecturer, Department of Law Enforcement Lawyers Training, criminal proceedings, human rights activities of the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation, PhD in Law. EDUCATION: Higher legal education: Graduated from the magistracy of the Faculty of Law of the Moscow State University named after M.V.. Lomonosov (specialization - criminal procedure, judicial branch, prosecution and advocacy). Graduated from the full-time postgraduate study of the Institute […]

Druzhinina Olga Leonidovna

Lecturer at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation and Editor-in-Chief of the International Anti-Corruption Portal. “Anticorr.media”. EDUCATION: 2009-2014 years. – Perm State National Research University, Faculty of Philology, specialty "Journalism". 2016-2017 years. – Moscow State University named after. Lomonosov, specialization "Journalism of new media". 2018-2022 years. – Moscow State Law Academy named after. ABOUT. Kutafina, specialization "National […]

Parallel Import. new reality

Due to the aggravation of the geopolitical situation and increased sanctions pressure, a number of foreign companies announced the suspension of the supply of their goods to Russia. Legalization of parallel imports allows you to import goods into the country without the consent of the manufacturer or copyright holder. This mechanism is called "parallel", as import goes simultaneously with delivery from official dealers. Mainly it is car spare parts, consumer products, which goes to stores, and […]

Benefits of an electronic signature in a legal environment

The legal significance of electronic documents is given not only by compliance with the approved formats and the presence of mandatory details, but also an electronic signature. An electronic signature is necessary for any modern person., especially for business, it is a convenient tool for the interaction of organizations with each other and with government agencies. The benefits of an electronic signature are huge. Ведь она позволяет в считанные минуты доставить документы адресату и признать […]

The only member of the company can challenge transactions, committed before the purchase of the business. New position of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

The company has entered into a service agreement with another legal entity. Later, the customer transferred to the contractor under the first contract the rights of claim under the assignment. Also, the parties soon entered into an agreement on the offset of homogeneous counterclaims. Assuming, that the cession agreement and the set-off agreement are invalid transactions, because they were committed in the absence of the necessary corporate approval, causing damage to society, истец обратился в […]

Law texts, posted on the website Pravo.gov.ru will become official

Since July 1 July www.pravo.gov.ru became the single place for the official publication of legal acts. The President of the Russian Federation signed a decree "On some issues of placing texts of legal acts on the "Official Internet Portal of Legal Information" (www.pravo.gov.ru)». Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 03.03.2022 № 90 “On some issues of placing the texts of legal acts on “Official Internet portal of legal information” (www.pravo.gov.ru)”. The decree establishes, что pravo.gov.ru является единым официальным государственным […]

Privacy Protection, what to do business

Under the legal mechanisms of information protection, we understand the legal consolidation of the company's relationship, states, citizens in order to determine the legality of using information, which has some value (value for organizations, usually, a commercial). There are several ways to ensure the security of such information.: 1. Maintaining official secrecy. According to Presidential Decree No. 188 "On Approval of the List of Confidential Information", под служебной тайной […]

moratorium on bankruptcy: who concerns and what it means for entrepreneurs

From the first of April 2022 a moratorium on bankruptcy was introduced throughout the Russian Federation. In accordance with paragraph 1 Art. 9.1 of the Law “About insolvency (Bankruptcy)” The government of the Russian Federation has the right to extend the moratorium, if the measures, for which it was introduced will not be achieved. These measures have been introduced in relation to individuals and legal entities, а также индивидуальных […]

Ways to transfer business by inheritance and new tools for asset regulation

Not a secret, that business inheritance occurs according to the general rules on inheritance, however, there are many nuances and subtleties, necessary to maintain the "viability" of the business. First, на что хочется обратить внимание, это очередность наследования по закону, если нет завещания. Она выстраивается согласно закону, главная проблема заключается в наличие спора между наследниками. Therefore, если предприниматель заинтересован в сохранении целостности и функциональности бизнеса, рекомендуется […]