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ANNOUNCEMENT. Scientific-practical conference "Combating fraud in the financial sector"

ANNOUNCEMENT. Scientific-practical conference "Combating fraud in the financial sector"

30 maya in 11:00 (Moscow time) will take place Scientific and practical conference on the topic "Fraud prevention in the financial sector". The organizers were the Institute of Public Administration and Management of the RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation, Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation for Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy, expert center of "Business Russia" on criminal law policy and enforcement of judicial acts.

The following issues will be discussed during the event:

  • Illegal actions of credit institutions in obtaining financing;
  • Lending with the provision of false information to a credit institution, criminal law qualification of actions of insolvent borrowers;
  • cyber fraud;
  • Illegal actions of bank employees against customers (fraud and other);
  • Responsibility of persons controlling the debtor in the event of bankruptcy of the organization;
  • Return lease, as a way of committing crimes (fraud, tax structures, etc.);
  • Illegal actions of the management and employees of the bank when revoking a license;
  • "Technical loans" and "off-balance sheet deposits" in credit institutions as a basis for bringing to criminal and subsidiary liability;
  • The phenomenon of unscrupulous "victims". Abuse of the right by the party to the transaction, which foresaw the onset of adverse economic consequences for its economic consequences at the time of signing the treaty;
  • Financial pyramids and pseudo-brokers;
  • Crime Investigation Methodology, associated with illegal actions in the financial sector.

Financial institutions are invited to participate in the conference, credit organizations, representatives of the expert and legal community, employees of leading law universities in Russia, representatives of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Rosfinmonitoring, GUEBiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Academy of the Investigative Committee.

Proposals on agenda items are accepted until 26 May 18:00 at pravo@deloros.ru. If you wish to take part with a report, you must send information indicating the speaker, his positions, as well as abstracts of the report.

You can send additional questions to pravo@deloros.ru or ask them by phone: +7 (903) 799-75-79.

The event will be held in a hybrid format at: y. Moscow, pr-kt Vernadsky, d. 82, frame 5, Hall of the Academic Council.

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