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Alimony in fixed amount of money

Alimony in a fixed amount of money

We will assist in the establishment of alimony in a fixed amount of money

Alimony in fixed amount of money

The law strictly establishes the cases in which it's possible to establish alimony for a minor in solid monetary form. Это возможно в случае отсутствии соглашения родителей об уплате алиментов на несовершеннолетних детей и в случаях, a parent, who has to pay alimony, having irregular, income that changes from time to time (or) other income, or if that parent earns money and (or) other income in fully or partly or in foreign currency, or if they have no income and (or) other income, and also in some other cases, when the recovery of alimony in proportion to earnings and (or) other income of the parent is impossible, complicated or substantially violates the interests of one of the parties. Also, что размер твердой денежной суммы определяется судом исходя из максимально возможного сохранения ребенку прежнего уровня его обеспечения с учетом материального и семейного положения сторон и других заслуживающих внимания обстоятельств. In other words, it's necessary to prove the fact, that establishing alimony not in a fixed amount of money can significantly worsen the situation of a minor.

Business Duty Officer has developed a successful algorithm of actions, which allows you to achieve the maximum result in matters of establishing alimony in a fixed amount of money. We can provide advice, and fully accompany the procedure, which is confirmed by many years of successful practice in this category of cases. Our team of successful lawyers and lawyers approaches each case responsibly, with whom they come to us and is ready to provide assistance in handling the most difficult cases. We understand, that every case is unique, and our professionalism and experience helps to find the most suitable solution.

How we help?

1. You leave a request with a question that you're interested in.

Fill out the form on the site, and we call you back .

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions.

State your question in more detail by phone, arrange a personal meeting.

3. Offer a solution.

Once again we analyze the ways to resolve the issue in a personal meeting, agree on a roadmap, we conclude a contract.

4. We defend your rights and legitimate interests in the matter of establishing alimony in a fixed amount of money.

We provide full support of the procedure for the establishment and recovery of alimony in a fixed amount of money.

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