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The current slogan for bloggers is “Pay your taxes and sleep well”

The current slogan for bloggers is “Pay your taxes and sleep well”

Ambassador “business officer”, Member of the General Council of Business Russia, Head of the Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts Ekaterina Avdeeva on Thursday, 27 April, commented on the initiation of a criminal case against blogger Elena Blinovskaya.

“Law enforcement agencies have learned to recognize the illegal schemes of bloggers to evade the main system of taxation and from paying taxes, which are subject to deduction in the budget. They learned to recognize the digital footprint from the beginning of a transaction to the final recipient.. Therefore, the additional assessment of taxes and the imputation of tax structures is a matter of time.. But in connection with the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation that entered into force in March 2023 year in case of payment of tax arrears before the decision to initiate a criminal case is made, a decision is made to refuse to initiate a criminal case. Thus, for bloggers, now is the time to file revised declarations”, - Avdeeva emphasized.

The expert warned bloggers against the wrong strategy - flight, as it creates the prerequisites for choosing the most severe measure of restraint in the form of detention.

“However, even after the initiation of a criminal case, one can expect its termination or release from criminal punishment in connection with Art.. 28.1 Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation and Art. 76.1 CC RF, depending on stage, on which the full payment of the tax arrears takes place", - added a specialist.

Avdeeva expressed her opinion, that bloggers “should turn on their sense of justice” and take the right actions, which will not create criminal legal risks for them.

“For them, the slogan “Pay your taxes and sleep well” is relevant”, the expert concluded.

27 April Blinovskaya was detained at the border of the Russian Federation while trying to leave the country in a rented car. Together with a blogger, two more men were detained on the border with Belarus.

She is suspected of committing crimes, stipulated h. 2 Art. 198, p. "b" h. 4 Art. 174.1 CC RF (Evasion of an individual from paying taxes on an especially large scale, legalization (laundering) money in especially large amount or other property, acquired by a person as a result of committing a crime).

According to investigators, the reason was the fraudulent scheme of "crushing the business", with which she sold information courses on social networks. In practice, “business splitting” is understood as a tax optimization scheme, when they divide the business and artificially redistribute the proceeds between related parties for the sake of tax benefits.

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