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Criminal defense lawyer on case for road accidents

Criminal defense lawyer on case for road accidents (articles 264 and 264.1 CC RF)

Criminal defense lawyer on case for road accidents (articles 264 and 264.1 CC RF)

Among the crimes against traffic safety and transport operation, some articles take special place, like 264 and 264.1 CC RF. They envision for criminal liability for violation of traffic rules by ordinary drivers.

Articles 264 and 264.1 have become too common in everyday life of the drivers. This is not only due to the wide spread of the personal transport among the citizens, the appearance of a large number of inexperienced drivers on the road and the violation of traffic rules by pedestrians, but also due to the extremely high attention to the cases under these articles from the media.

The task of lawyers in these types of disputes is becoming more complicated, since the courts tend to choose unreasonably harsh punishments, sometimes associated with real imprisonment. That's exactly why, the case defense, related to a road accident in each individual case requires a detailed and scrupulous approach. Mistakes and miscalculations can affect the verdict in the case and procceed in real imprisonment.

This is why you need an experienced lawyer, who specializes in criminal cases, that are related to road accidents.

Defense in cases related to road accidents has two fundamentally different aspects:

  1. defense of the accused, a person who violated traffic rules, expressed in an accident, or in a repeate driving of a vehicle while intoxicated;
  2. victim protection, a personwho's injured in an accident.

In both cases, what required is an exceptional professionalism , and significant experience in litigation. Only a lawyer, who specializes in road accident cases is able to quickly and correctly build a line of defense for a specified category of cases.

How Business Duty Officer protects our principals from criminal prosecution under articles 264 and 264.1 CC RF:
4 steps to your full defense in a criminal case under article 186 CC RF:

1. You leave a request with a brief description of the situation.

Fill out the form on the site, and we call you back .

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions.

We discuss your problem and possible solutions.

3. Discuss the details of cooperation with a personal lawyer.

We coordinate decisions, terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement.

4. A team of specialized lawyers provides you with comprehensive protection.

We guarantee high-quality resolution of a difficult situation.

Why is Business Duty Officer entrusted with protection in the most complex criminal cases?
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