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Business Duty Officer

Fraud lawyer (159-159.6 CC)

Criminal cases of fraud
We'll help to keep your freedom and an honest name
Fraud lawyer (159-159.6 CC)

Бизнес неразрывно связан с серьезными рисками, которые предприниматели не всегда полностью осознают. Кроме очевидных финансовых рисков, entrepreneurs are constantly threatened by legal risks. Business Duty Officer provides professional services to entrepreneurs to protect their interests, свободы и честного имени.

Сфера материального производства находится под бдительным наблюдением контролирующих органов. It happens, что они выдвигают против компаний и сотрудников недостаточно обоснованные обвинения.

Situations that involve law enforcement bodies to resolve business or work conflicts are not uncommon.

Мошенничество (articles 159, 159.1, 159.2, 159.3, 159.5, 159.6 CC RF) — состав уголовного правонарушения, that implies the liability for theft of other people's property by deception or abuse of power/trust. This composition has proven itself to be not the best one in the business community, since the criminal act is in a borderline state with the civil law tort.

Specificity of fraudulent and economic crimes and their reflection in the law is in their weak formal certainty. Often, the same act can be qualified for different criminal offenses and with completely different legal consequences for convicts.

Central to the protection of principals in economic crimes is the proof of the absence of intent to commit crimes, which they are accused of.

How Business Duty Officer protects our clients from criminal prosecution for fraud:

To protect our clients, we work closely with the following organizations:

4 steps to your full protection in a criminal case of fraud:

1.You leave a request with a question that you're interested in.

Fill out the form on the site, and we call you back .

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions.

We discuss your problem and possible solutions.

3. Discuss the details of cooperation with a personal lawyer.

We coordinate decisions, terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement.

4. A team of specialized lawyers provides you with comprehensive protection.

We guarantee high-quality resolution of a difficult situation.

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