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Business Duty Officer

Lawyer for economic crimes

Преследование по экономическим преступлениям

Профессионально поможем сохранить свободу и честное имя
В понятие «экономических» входят разные преступления:
How Business Duty Officer protects our principals from criminal prosecution for economic crimes:
To protect our clients, we work closely with the following organizations:
4 steps to your full defense in a criminal case on economic crimes:

1.You leave a request with a brief description of the situation

Fill out the form on the site, and we call you back

2. Professional lawyers will contact you to agree on further actions

We discuss your problem and possible solutions

3. Discuss the details of cooperation with a personal lawyer

We coordinate decisions, terms of cooperation and conclude an agreement

4. A team of specialized lawyers provides you with comprehensive protection

Гарантируем наилучшее разрешение уголовного дела

In what cases is it necessary to contact Business Duty Officer?:

Только своевременное обращение к опытным адвокатам, who specialize in economic crimes, can minimize the risk of criminal liability and save your business!
Why is Business Duty Officer entrusted with protection in the most complex criminal cases?
pro bono consultation