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Since July 1 st mandatory pre-trial appeal against decisions of supervisory authorities is enacted!

Это предусмотрено Постановлением правительства №663 от 28.04.2021 y. The list of supervisory authorities, whose decisions must pass the mandatory pre-trial procedure, incudes 19 state bodies, including the Ministry of Emergency, of FTS (Federal Tax Service), Roskomnadzor, Rostourism, Rostrud , Rospotrebnadzor, Roszdravnadzor, Rostransnadzor, FSSP and Ministry of Industry and Trade.

A complaint can be filed at:

– act or decision based on the results of the inspection;

– order for the detection of detected violations;

– an order to carry out measures to prevent harm;

– decision on the appointment of a planned (unscheduled) inspection;

– actions of the official within the framework of the audit.

It's expected, that the procedure of mandatory pre-trial appeal will reduce the costs of citizens and reduce the burden on the courts.

На сегодня в рамках действующего эксперимента по досудебному контролю подать жалобу в контрольный орган можно на портале «Госуслуги» и там же отследить все этапы ее рассмотрения. Your complaint will be solved within 20 business days.

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