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Twice as many companies fell under field tax audits.

Twice as many companies fell under field tax audits.

For six months 2022 years for field tax audits in Russia was selected 1,5 thousands. companies - almost twice as many, than in all of 2021 (838).

Pre-audit analysis was carried out for these enterprises, follows from the report of the Accounts Chamber based on data from the Federal Tax Service (have “Izvestia”).

In 70% cases, companies are included in the GNP plan due to the use of VAT deductions. Now control over the evasion of this fee is a priority of the Federal Tax Service, recognized in the Accounts Chamber.

Growth in the number of companies, selected for GNP in 2022 year, is associated with the strengthening of the fiscal function of the state during the period of growing crisis tendencies, as well as narrowing sources of budget revenue“, - Associate Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation noted Konstantin Kharchenko.

In this case, the reason for the VAT gap may be that, that the counterparty uses the services of the sites, who sell “paper” VAT (illegal scheme to underestimate the amount of the fee), considers the head of the expert center for criminal law policy “Business Russia”, project ambassador “Business Duty Officer” Ekaterina Avdeeva. Today, a global increase in the number of such sites has been recorded., as a result of which the business is charged with a tax gap.

During the coronavirus pandemic, entrepreneurs were given relief, that dealt with both tax breaks or credit holidays, and various bureaucratic checks, reminded the analyst of Freedom Finance Global Vladimir Chernov.

With its end, these measures no longer apply., after which the number of on-site inspections increased.

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